Monday, August 29, 2011

Red Carpet Review: VMA's 2011

       I don't know what it is this year, but the red carpets have been extremely disappointing. I usually love the MTV Video Music Awards, because it allows the celebrities to wear whatever their heart desires, but in most cases, that's a bad thing. I loved Victoria Justice's shimmery silver dress the most (pictured left). It was simple, yet still edgy. Beyonce looked amazing as always (especially sporting that baby bump!), and Selena Gomez tested the waters in an interesting black, goth-like dress that cried out to be in the wardrobe for Black Swan. 
       And then, there were the bad outfits...Nicki Minaj always ends up on my list because of her ridiculous outfits. Some people might defend her, saying she's original and creative, but to me, it just like she's trying too hard to one-up Lady Gaga - which will never happen by the way. Same goes to newbie artist Kreayshawn. Not a fan. Miley looked like a trainwreck in her floor-length "look-at-me" patterned dress, and I hate to say it, but the combination of Lil Mama's hair cut and boyish figure makes her look a bit on the tranny side. Am I going crazy? What are your thoughts about the VMA red carpet?

The Few, The Good

Beyonce, Shaun Robinson, Selena Gomez

I loved Shaun's dress. It was such a simple mini, but the pattern on it was great, and her hair, makeup, and accessories didn't push the outfit overboard.

The CRAZY Bads

Kreayshawn, Deena Cortese, Nicki Minaj

Deena's dress is just a hot mess. Rainbow...really? I guess it's appropriate considering her role in the recent episodes of Jersey Shore.

Lil Mama, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Rickards

I love Ashley Rickards in the MTV show Awkward, and her hair and makeup at the VMA's looked amazing! But when it came down to the dress, she was more than a disappointment.