Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I Love: Jessica Alba's Sparkles

Jessica Alba sure knows how to work the silver sparkles. Pictured below are two appearances in these eye-catching ensembles.

Fashion's Night Out; September 12, 2011. Although I love this dress also, I love the first dress the most. The shoes throw me off a bit, but I like the unexpected loose fit on her.

Gucci Dinner at the Italian Embassy; January 26, 2011. I think she looks absolutely amazing in this dress. I'm not crazy about the shoulder cape, but it makes it a little different from just any other shimmering dress.

Which is your favorite?


Friday, January 21, 2011

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lauren Conrad & Khole Kardashian: Hair Dye and WWIB

This month, two of my favorite celebrity reality stars changed their hair color, and I can't decide if it's for better or worse! Lauren Conrad, the sunkissed California reality star, and now author, has decided to go to the dark side. She appeared at Covergirl's 50th Anniversary party with her hair dyed dark brown instead of her usual golden waves. Coincidentally, that was the same night that Khole Kardashian appeared at the Critic's Choice Awards with her new hair color, switching from dark brown to a strawberry blonde (she's actually a natural blonde). What do you think looks better on these lovely ladies?

Before & After: Lauren Conrad

Before & After: Khloe Kardashian (too bad she already dyed it back to brown!)

Who Wore It Best? Khloe and Lauren both seen above in Dolce and Gabbana.

h² says: As for Lauren's hair, I'm in the middle! She looks great as a blonde and brunette, but I think the dark hair is good for this season. I also think Khloe's hair looks great either way, but I love that she went for a change. The strawberry blonde looks amazing on her and she'll stand out from her sisters. As for WWIB, I'd definitely have to go with Lauren, sorry Khloe!


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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daring or Dreadful: YSL Suede Fur Trim Pumps

Daring or Dreadful? I've been seeing these YSL Stallion shoes everywhere lately. What's your opinion on them?

h² says: I'm really in the middle with these. I don't know if I would ever wear them, but whoever does wear them, needs to confidence to go with it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011: Best/Worst Dressed


My Favoriteee! Leighton Meester.

Dianna Agron, Carrie Underwood, Sarah Hyland

Claire Danes, Rhea Durham, Emma Stone

Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie, Guiliana Rancic


Halle Berry, Diane Warren, Temple Grandin

January Jones, Julianne Moore, Tina Fey

Helena Bonham Carter, Kelly Osbourne, Jacki Weaver

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Critic's Choice Awards 2011...Are you serious?

Honestly, what is going on lately with the red carpet outfits? This is not a joke. I could only find one starlet that walked the red carpet of the 2011 Critic's Choice Awards in Los Angeles. Congrats Keri Hilson, because you were that one lucky lady that I thought deserved to be in the "Best Dressed" catagory...everyone else, I don't know what you were thinking. Please tell me that you agree! I'm a little scared to watch the red carpet for the Golden Globes this Sunday! For photo credit and more photos from the awards show, click here.


Keri Hilson. You make me proud. And your shoes are amazing.


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber. Doing interviews in disguise?

Helena Bonham Carter. You look like a hot mess.

Kim Kardashian. I love you, but a middle seam and flamenco dancer?

Michelle Williams at Critics' Choice Awards

Michelle Williams. You're dress look like a tablecloth...enough said.

Elle Fanning. I have no words for this one.

Tilda Swinton. You've taken shoulder pads to a whole new level.

Eva Mendes. Bows are fun, but this is just ridiculous.

Nicole Kidman. The random ruffles on your stomach...not flattering at all.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Minx Nails

The other day I went to get my toes done at the salon, but instead of just the normal solid color, I decided to try a new thing called Minx. It's almost like a sticker for your nails and its supposed to stay on for up to 1 month. They've been seen on celebrities such as Blake Lively, Rihanna and Fergie. There are so many different designs and you can order them for yourself from this website, but it's much easier to have a professional put them on for you.

Metallic Chettah Print that I got on my toes!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

WWIB: Tiffany Hines vs. Fergie

Tiffany Hines (left) recently wore this feathery embellished dress by Falguni and Shane Peacock at the People's Choice Awards, while Fergie (right) wore it nearly a month ago on the red carpet for the American Music Awards. You would think that Tiffany would do a little research before strutting that on the runway so quickly after Fergie. Who do you think wore it better?

h² says: I'm not a huge fan of the dress to start out with, but with that being said, I still think that Fergie can pull it off, just because of her attitude and confidence.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Best & Worst Dressed: People's Choice Awards 2011

The 36th Annual People's Choice Awards was held on Wednesday, January 6th, 2011 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The night was filled with starlets and up-and-coming teen stars and many awards were given out: Favorite movie: Twilight Saga: Eclipse; Favorite Movie Star Under 25: Zac Efron; Favorite Country Singer: Taylor Swift, and many many more.

Speaking of Taylor, her award for Favorite Country Singer wasn't the only thing she was awarded. I also awarded her a spot on my best dressed list from the night, along with these other gorgeous girls. And of course, I couldn't leave out those who completely blew it. Here's my best and worst dressed for People's Choice Awards 2011:

Taylor Swift looking pretty in pale pink.
Ashley Benson star of Pretty Little Liars. I love the patterns and edgy cut. (my favorite)

Minka Kelly pulls off a boho chic red carpet look


Raven-Symone does ruffles all wrong.

Vanessa Williams chose a dress that hugged her in all the wrong places.

Pauly Perrette...just no.

Sister Faceoff. Aly Michalka outshined her younger sister, while Amanda ended up on the worst dressed list.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Carven Favorites & Stylish Blogger Award

First off, I was looking through the Carven Spring Collection and their are some pieces that I reallyyy love. The whole collection was great for the most part! Here's some of my favorites, but to see the whole collection, click here!

I was nominated for the Stylish Blogger Award last week, so now, I'm required to tell you all 7 things about myself.

1.  Lauren Conrad is my idol! She's classy, chic, and beauiful.
2.  I'm obsessed with the shows Pretty Little Liars (season premiere last night!), Gossip Girl, 90210, and Keeping up with the Kardashians/Kim and Khloe Go to Miami. I should watch less TV.
3.  I'm currently a freshman and the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida, and I'm majoring in Journalism.
4.  I'm deathly afraid of doctors. I hate them with a passion.
5.  I admire good photography and I can become mesmerized and look through photos all day.
6.  I read so many fashion magazines each month, and I read every single page.
7.  My ultimate dream (which is going to happen) is to move to New York City after I graduate and work for an amazing fashion magazine.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's finally 2011, and I had a great New Years. I ended up wearing a BCBG dress with a gold and black belt and my Steve Madden gold glitter pumps. Here's some pictures from my fabulous night.