Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daring or Dreadful: YSL Suede Fur Trim Pumps

Daring or Dreadful? I've been seeing these YSL Stallion shoes everywhere lately. What's your opinion on them?

h² says: I'm really in the middle with these. I don't know if I would ever wear them, but whoever does wear them, needs to confidence to go with it!


  1. really looooooove them:)

    esp the blue and the black ones:)

    kiss dear

  2. i think they're art, if i were a girl i don't know how id wear them but i think they are amazingg

    ps i'm now following you on google and bloglovin, i am in love with this site

  3. I definitely don't think I could ever wear them but I admire the boldness of the design.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. LOVE.
    I think I have featured these about 3942340242 times on my blog because I am obsessed with them.
    P.S. I also have them in 2 pairs. Shhhh ...

  5. I love them, they're different!

  6. I like the two pairs at the bottom, b/c there's just a little, the ones at the top have too much fur!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  7. I think they are amazing but just when the Mohawk is on the heel...A blogger had a DIY on that and it looked fierce with faux leather pants. But you need to be bold to wear that ...I am too old bouhou

    Caro xxx

  8. Love it! Especially the first pic, with the 'hawk on the back.

    Thanks for stopping by :)


  9. I totally agree with you, one would need much confidence to wear those.

  10. I'd probably wear the ones on the bottom row. I feel like those are more toned down but can still invoke drama.

    Follow me!

  11. wow those shoes are FIERCE!!! get them!

    new your blog! Thanks for the comment! :) Love kardashians!


  12. I don´t know if I would wear them, but they are really original!

  13. Yikes!! Now I've seen everything! Shoes with fur!!! ^_^...Would I wear them?!...In these New England winters it would be just one more thing to have to worry about getting clean. So....NO!! ^_^

  14. Those YSL pumps are to die for..
    and the colours? how amazing..
    Lee x

  15. I really in love with them especially the blue color, not so much with the black one, but even if I have the money I prob wont get them, imagine how I feel if I suddenly hit puddle? I would die

  16. these are feirece but i think there are only certain places you could wear them - and they're so memborable, could you really wear them again?! love that blue color though!

  17. I love them, I just don't like the ones with the fur in the front...
    xoxo Sienna

  18. I think those YSL look cool on pictures, but i wouldn't buy them.

    Thank you for the comment on my blogpost :) peachy tones are my favorite too at the moment :)

    Scented Powder

  19. Personally, i'm not a fan, they're too OTT for my liking xx

  20. This is ART <3
    I would wear the gray ones! But I would have to choose carefully what to wear with them...
    thx for visiting me

  21. Definitely daring! Props to whoever can pull them off!

    VPV Intern

  22. if i had a place to wear them, i definitely would. i like the blue ones.

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