Monday, November 9, 2015

Repurpose Your Big Mac Wrapper for a Wedding Dress?

McDonald's debuted 20 looks, including a fast-food-turned-fashion wedding gown seen above, at their McDCouture Fashion Show during Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach last week. The looks were all created from McDonald's packaging by fashion students at the Miami International University of Art & Design.

The dress above was created by using over 900 sandwich wrappers and 20 fry boxes.

But is it weird that there are a few creations that could be mistaken for an everyday look on the street? That being said, the one thing I was thinking about while scrolling through the photos was ABC (Anything But Clothes) parties in college. Girls used duct tape, wrapping paper and cardboard boxes, but I have never seen anyone reuse their fast food wrappers.

I also have to wonder, was the McDonald's packaging previously used for actual food? If so, these models would not only have a unique look, but also a unique scent consisting of greasy burgers and salty fries.

What do you think of fast food fashion?










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