Monday, November 29, 2010

Timeless Look: Cat Eyes


One look that will never grow old to me are cat eyes. I mean, what's more timeless than an Audrey Hepburn look? I love the way they make eye makeup dramatic yet classy and can be applied for a simple daytime look, or to a stunning nighttime ensemble to make it extra glamorous. It's also something that I think looks good on almost anyone, that is as long as they apply it the right way. I wear this look almost every day.
The look is easy to manage and apply also. Really, it's just the basic eyeliner with a little flick at the end. It's a little hard to explain in text, so I found a youtube tutorial makeup video that I think is suitable. Click here to view it and tell me what you think about cat eyes.

Lauren Conrad always gets it right :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

American Music Awards: Red Carpet Fail

Is it just me, or was this year's American Music Awards wardrobe choices absolutely horrendous?! Sadly, I thought that Miley Cyrus had the best dress...and that's saying a lot. Here's my opinion on the three best and worst and the three that were just...ehhh.What do you think of these starlets' scary red carpet looks?


AMA 2010: Red Carpet
Miley Cyrus. I would like this dress a lot better without the huge bow in the back.

Whitney Port
Whitney Port. I love the tie dye effect and the draping combined with the one shoulder strap.
Stana Katic
Stana Katic. Classic and simple, but still a little edgy. The long sleeves contrast well with the short cut.
Taylor Swift. Not a horrible choice, but she could have done better. She's also looking a little thinner than usual....
AMA 2010: Red Carpet
Cheryl Burke. I love the dramatic back, but too many sequins.
AMA 2010: Red Carpet
Katy Perry. Traditional and chic. Maybe a little shorter would make it perfect.
Heidi Klum. I'm sorry Heidi, but this looks like an experiment from one of your Project Runway competitors.
Willow Smith
Willow Smith. I know you're only 9, so let's just say this was a learning experience.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bama Basics : Dislike

So I drove up to the University of Alabama last night to stay the weekend with one of my best friends. She showed me around campus today and I was shocked by the lack of style. Nobody dresses up for class here, and I noticed that there's only one trend: long, oversized t-shirts with Nike workout shorts and sneakers. Honestly, almost every girl I looked at was wearing the exact same thing. I'm not a fan. What do you think?


H² says: Have a style of your own, don't just follow what everyone else is doing.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Daring or Dreadful: Blake Lively

Click to view full size image

Daring or Dreadful? What's your take on Blake Lively's oxford peeking out of the bottom of her skirt? She's pictured here in Soho at the opening celebration for Realm Boutique.

H² says : Dreadful. Although I love the skirt and the styling of the belt, I'm not so fond on the oxford showing. It almost looks like its a wardrobe malfunction.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Age Limit: 14 and Under, Please

One of my biggest fashion pet peeves is kitten heels. I mean, come on. If you are over the age of 14, then you should not be wearing that sad excuse of a heel. It's completely acceptable for flower girls at weddings and at Sunday church to match cute little flowery dresses (like little Ms. Suri Cruise pictured on the left). But for grown women, I really don't know what the point is. Sure they may be a more comfortable alternative to a stiletto pump, but they make you a mere inch or two taller, and barely do anything for lengthening your legs. If you don't want to wear heels today, settle for a cute flat or sandal, but please, do not reach for your kitten heels (but hopefully you don't own any!).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Project Runway Upset


One of Gretchen's Runway Looks
     This past Thursday was the finale of one of my favorite shows, Project Runway. As I watched the last five minutes in anticipation, waiting for the winner to be announced, I was extremely disappointed, to hear the name Gretchen Jones come out of Heidi Klum's mouth. Between the final three contestants that competed at fashion week, Mondo Guerra was clearly the winner in my eyes. The tiny risk-taking designer with a crazy and fun collection stole my heart from episode one.

     Both Gretchen and Mondo's final collections couldn't be more opposite. Gretchen's used no bright colors in contrast to Mondo's crazy prints and daring colors. Her color palette consisted of muted tones, such as grey, brown and taupe. Using simple patterns and boring colors left me yawning.

     Mondo's runway on the other hand was exciting, playful and attention evoking, all at the same time. He used colors that you don't see every day and wasn't afraid of really pushing his limits by mixing patterns with patterns. Staying true to his roots, his collection was inspired by the famous Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. He incorporated skulls with a circus twist.

One of Mondo's Looks
     When the runway show was over, and it was time for the judges, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and guest judge Jessica Simpson to deliberate, they were split straight down the middle. Kors and Garcia both supported Gretchen's bohemian, effortless look while Klum and Simpson stated that they would wear Mondo's last look straight off the runway.

     Five minutes of arguing went on, battering back and forth about who the better designer is. Garcia claims that Mondo's looks can't be worn by women her age; his pieces are aimed towards the younger age and could even be seen as teenage clothes. In comparison, Gretchen seemed to have an itch for up-and-coming fashion and her collection is ready-to-wear and could be worn by all ages.

     The judges ended up choosing Gretchen, but what a mistake that was. Mondo Guerra is a great new designer. Even though he didn't win Project Runway, I see him going much farther than Gretchen ever will. I loved his whole collection and I personally would buy almost all of his pieces, if not all of them. His vision is innovative and unique, he's not afraid to do something that no one else has ever seen and I respect him for his bravery. I could easily see him collaborating with Betsey Johnson for one amazing collection full of color and fun. But despite his lack of height, Mondo is nothing short of a true designer-to-be.

Who do you think should have won?



or Mondo...