Friday, June 1, 2012

Etsy: A World of Unknown Accessories

So let me begin by saying that I'm sorry about being a bit MIA lately. I've been finishing up with school, exams, and then doing a lot of traveling. I just got back today from a week-long trip boating around the Bahamas with my family. It was a lot of fun, but I'm not quite as tan as I'd like to be haha. Now, it's mostly back to reality though - work and online classes for the rest of summer. 

Before I went on vacation, I saw that you could get monogrammed stickers to put on the "home" button on your iPhone. I checked out and found a seller who makes 12 stickers with your monogram for only $6.00! It was a bargain that I couldn't pass up, so I ordered some immediately. I'm still waiting for mine to come in the mail, but I've posted a picture below from the seller's photos (click here for the link to her page). She also has other sized stickers for coolers, shoes, cars, and much more. Most importantly, they're all at a cheap and affordable price!

A few months ago, I had been dying to have a wishbone necklace. Just a simple, silver wishbone pendant that hangs on a sliver necklace. I had seen it on celebrities, but I hadn't seen it in stores anywhere. So again, I looked on Etsy and found one for only $16. I love that necklace. It's so simple, yet I get a lot of compliments on it (click here for the link to her page). It's also available in gold, and she has some other really cute pendants available also!

I know that Etsy has so much to offer, but I never know where to look. There are so many different categories and tons of unique accessories. I'm sure that many of my followers have purchased some pieces - or maybe you're a seller yourself! I would love to hear what you have bought or if you saw anything cool items like the wishbone necklace or monogrammed stickers. 

Have you bought anything from Etsy? Have you ever sold any of your creations?



  1. Great pictures, i love the last one
    kisses and have a great weekend

  2. Wow! Cool photos with the sting rays!
    I've bought off easy before, its great :)

    Visit my blog at

    p.s. this week I am taking on a '1 Dress, 5 Ways, 5 Days' Challenge!

  3. I love the pic with the stingray!!! Loving your blog!! Thanks so much for stopping by mine :-) Xo

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