Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kim Kardashian's Racy Paper Magazine Spread

Well if you haven't heard about it already - and honestly, who hasn't - Kim Kardashian bared all in a recent spread of Paper Magazine titled "No Filter: An Afternoon with Kim Kardashian. 

To avoid shock or unwanted views, I've added the explicit photos after the jump, so click "Click Here to Read More" below to see the rest of the post.

She released the first photo via her instagram account with the champagne popping and pouring into a glass resting on her bottom, and stated how honored she was to work with photographer Jean-Paul Goude. 

Shortly after, she released a second picture on her instagram account showing her full bare bottom with the hashtag #breaktheinternet as the photo caption. She didn't actually break the internet, but everyone definitely went crazy over her racy photo. Little did we know that there was even more to come. 

The full spread included the photos above as well, which are pretty self-explanatory and the content of the article was basically just like any other celebrity feature in a magazine. About her looks, Kardashian was described as "beautiful anime character come to life."

"But behind all the hoopla, there is an actual woman -- a physical body where the forces of fame and wealth converge. Who isn't at least a tad curious about the flesh that carries the myth? 
Unlike most people, she looks exactly the same in person as she does in photographs or on television, with one exception: she is smaller than she appears in images, with tiny, almost doll-like ears and feet and hands. Everything else about her seems amplified, tumescent. Her black hair is thicker than any you have ever seen, her lips fuller, her giant Bambi-eyes larger, their whites whiter, and the lashes that frame them longer. If some of this is the result of artificial enhancement -- does anyone else have eyelashes that resemble miniature feather dusters? -- none of it seems obviously ersatz. But that's not to say it looks real, either. She is like a beautiful anime character come to life."

Other than that, there wasn't much explanation to why she did the shoot and left nothing to the imagination. She allegedly didn't take any money for it either. So what's the motivation?

There are always people who are pushing the rights of women and believe that men and women should be treated the same way as far as sexuality goes - meaning that women should be able to walk around topless, just as men do. The popular hashtag being used on instagram for this was #FreeTheNipple (check out my post about that here). Was this the message behind this shoot, or was it just another way to get people talking about the already popular reality star?

There has also been a ton of backlash about the ever-popular photoshopping of the photos. Is he waist actually that small? Is her butt actually that big? In my opinion, yes, her waist looks small and butt looks large, but I think that's her natural body. From watching her show, she is curvy, but at the same time slim. 

I hope that it's not photoshopped due to the massive amount of criticism that magazines are getting for making women look unrealistic and create bodies that are unattainable. In all reality, Kim's body is unattainable without plastic surgery - it's not something that can just be shaped by going to the gym. 

It was inevitable that there was going to be a lot of hate for this racy spread, but I wish there was more of a clear message for what point she was trying to get across. If she did it to bring awareness to something or support something in particular, I think it would have been shown in a better light, but as it was released, it looks like just another way to be in the spotlight. 

What do you think Kim's motivation was for doing this shoot? Do you think it was photoshopped at all?


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  2. Her body is amazing , BUT I totally agree with you! great post!


  3. Normally i love Kim and i don't have a problem with nudity. But these photos are just tacky! Ofcourse they are photoshoped, Every photo in Every magazine is photoshoped!

  4. Well I'm not sure about her motivation. She probably loves her body and wants to share it with the world. The pics are photoshoped. Why is everyone complaining about that. There's not one single magazine that's not doing that.


  5. I am not as offended by these photos as a lot of people are. I don't really mind. She is going to do what she wants no matter what the public thinks of her. Photoshopped or not, Kim K. is a beauty!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  6. I love her!


  7. Absolutely agreed with everything you said on the blogpost (: x



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