Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Miss USA 2011: Evening Gowns

If you want to see 50 absolutely beautiful women, look no further than the Miss USA Pageant 2011. The event was help in Las Vegas on June 19th and was hosted by Andy Cohena and the gorgeous Giuliana Rancic. After these lovely ladies showed off their amazing beach bodies in tiny bikinis, they went back in their dressing rooms and got all dolled up for the evening gown part of the show. Some gowns were gorgeous while others left me confused. Who were your favorites?

My favorite dress: 1st Runner-up, Miss Tennessee. I absolutely loved this dress. Not only did it fit her perfectly, but the one strap opposite the high slit made it look sexy and flawless. The light color of the gown and the sheerness of the bottom makes it sexy, but subtle.

Apparently I'm a sucker for sequins and sparkle. I loved all of these evening gowns, worn by Miss Arizona, Miss California, and of course, Miss Florida. Don't get me wrong, sparkles and sequins can definitely go wrong (see Miss Maryland), but these ladies knew how to work it in all the right places.

All the reds and pinks make me feel like it's a bad Valentine's Day Pageant. Miss Maryland shocked me, in a bad way, with her pink and red sequined top with a mermaid-like red mesh bottom. Miss New Jersey wore a bold color fuschia dress with random circles designs aroudn the waist. I just don't get it. Finally, the worst of all was Miss South Carolina. Not only was the dress completely ill-fitting, but she looked like she was on her way to a 70's Prom. Just not okay in my book.

Miss California, Alyssa Campanella, was crowned Miss USA at the end of the show and posed with one of the pageant's judges, Lil' Jon. For some reason, she looks exactly like Taylor Swift. Is it just me or do you agree?



  1. I missed the pageant this year, so thanks for the rehash. But don't be so hard on the ladies!! Everybody has their own style, and not everybody has the money or 'keeping up with the Jones' attitude. Some of them may just 'like what they like' and don't care what ANYBODY thinks about it!!! I say: "Go Girls!!" :-))

  2. Miss Maryland & New Jersey's dress were my favorites!!! xox

  3. They're all gorgeous! and yes, she looks like Taylor Swift. :)


  4. All these ladies are really pretty!