Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Most Popular Fashion Trends of 2012: Love it or Leave it?

The new year is finally here and as we say goodbye to 2012, should be also be saying goodbye to some of 2012's most popular trends? Their sales sky-rocketed this past year and we saw them from runways to the streets of our neighborhoods. But are these trends just fads? Keep reading and let me know if you love it, or want to leave these six fashion trends. 

Peplum Dress. At first, this trend seemed quite odd. Why would women want to make their hips look even wider than they already are? But if you find a peplum outfit that hits you in all the right places, this trend can do wonders. This trend is still on the uphill incline and I see it sticking around for the new year. Love it!

Sheer Tops & Bandeaus Bras. When we first started to see this trend emerge, it seemed a bit daring. Showing so much skin and showing your undergarments used to be a no-no, but my, how the tables have turned in 2012. Even though this was such a popular trend this past year, I forsee sheer tops becoming a slowly dying trend. Leave it!

Spikes and Studs. From shoes, to collars, to jewelry, it seemed like you could find anything and everything with studs or spikes on it. Fashionistas everywhere channeled their inner punk rock persona and took on this rebellious trend. It was a huge trend in 2012, but I think it will slowly decrease in popularity. Even though I love this trend in small increments, I don't think it will continue to flourish in the new year. Leave it!

Chevron Print. By far, the most popular print of 2012 was chevron. This zig-zag pattern could be seen in any color on a ton of different canvases from clothes, to wall paintings, to pillows. Although this trend sky-rocketed when it first appeared, I don't see chevron fading out anytime soon. Love it!

Blazers. Suddenly, the easiest way to make any outfit chic was the throw on some heels and blazer. Blazers definitely made their mark on 2012 by becoming available in every different color and pattern and being available at affordable prices. Although they just hit their peak, blazers are here to stay in 2013. Love it!

Crazy Colored Hair. From ombre hair to dyed tips, to pink highlights, we saw it all in 2012 when it came to hair trends. Everyone fell in love with the ombre trend and even I succumbed to the dyed tips trend for a week or two. I think most of us are done with the rainbow colored hair, but ombre is a trend that will be around for a while. Leave it!

So what do you think about these trends? Which ones were your favorite trends of 2012? Which trends should we leave in 2012 and which ones should we carry over to 2013?



  1. love studs too!!
    follow me on
    xoxo Marika

  2. I love peplum dresses and blazers so I'm sure that I'm going to wear them from time to time. I have never been a fan of crazy colored hair and studs so I hope that I won't see them again.
    Have a wonderful 2013!


  3. Peplums and loafers will stay - the're pretty and comfortable!

  4. Love the blazers, but I just couldn't jump on board with the peplum, I just don't have the right body frame for that, maybe I'm just not looking at the right peplum, but I think I'll leave those in 2012.

  5. I totally agree with the peplum trend!

  6. I never got involved with the peplum trend although I love the style, strange eh! I am blazer obsessed and hopefully can never see this trend going out! I love the pic to of the bright pink blazer! xx

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