Sunday, February 24, 2013

Best & Worst Dressed from The Academy Awards 2013

The Academy Awards, otherwise known as The Oscars, is probably one of the most talked about awards shows of the season. That being said, the red carpet expectations are very high. At last year's Academy Awards, I was not impressed at all. No one really stood out and Angelina's exposed pale leg stole the show (in a bad way). Click here to see the red carpet flop from last year. I was happy to see that this year was much different. The red carpet was filled with glamorous actresses wearing breathtaking gowns - both good and bad. 

Pictured above are some of my favorites from the night. Louise Roe looked exquisite in a beige Monique Lhuillier gown with detailing. The dress looked amazing with her skin tone, although I'm not loving the styling paired with the dress. Next, Sandra Bullock looked elegant and stylish in a black Elie Saab embellished gown. Of course I would love this on her! I knew that Elie Saab would be found somewhere on this red carpet! All eyes were on Jennifer Lawrence in her Dior Haute Couture gown. Although I'm not usually a fan of large ball gowns like this, with her exquiste styling and for an event like The Academy Awards, it's acceptable in my book. Unfortunately, she took a little spill while she was walking up the stairs to accept her award, but she still managed to look glamorous!

Amy Adams looked breathtaking in an Oscar de la Renta light blue gown. Her personality was perfect for this dress and she walked the red carpet with grace and confidence. Naomi Watts sparkled on the red carpet in this Armani Prive gown with an assymettical top. The gown itself is gorgeous, but the unique cut of the top makes it stand out even more. Last, Jessica Chastain looked simple but stunning in an embellished Giorgio Armani gown. Some might say she was playing it safe, but it looked amazing on her, especially with her curled hair and minimal jewelry. 

There were a few gowns that I just couldn't decide if I loved or hated. Halle Berry took a major risk in this sparkly striped Versace gown. It doesn't look horrible on her, but I think it would have looked better on someone else. Jennifer Hudson showed off her body in a Roberto Cavalli navy blue gown. Again, it's not horrible, but not great either. Last, Stacy Keibler walked the red carpet by the side of George Clooney in a Naeem Khan gown. I like the look of the gown itself, but I'm not sure about the all black belt and the high neckline. I think that making it a strapless dress and adding a lighter gray belt that blended better with the gown would have moved it up to the best dressed list. 

Of course, there have to be some misses on the red carpet. I was upset to see that Anne Hathaway really bombed it at the Academy Awards this year. Her style isn't always my favorite, but this was just intolerable. Her pale pink Prada gown that exposed her nipples was not a good look for her. Helena Bonham Carter has never came close to being on my best dressed list and tonight was no exception. This tiered Vivienne Westwood gown paired with messy hair looked horrible. Finally, Brandi Glanville (from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) decided to squeeze herself into this gown which she helped design. Obviously she's showing way too much cleavage here, so maybe she should just stick to reality TV.

Who were your favorites and least favorites from the Academy Awards? Were you shocked when you saw Anne and Brandi's gowns? 


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  1. i couldn't agree more, jennifer lawrence was by far my absolute favorite. although, i'm not sure how much she was loving her gown when she tripped up the stairs! still love her. and that dress, could you imagine getting to wear something so glamorous? xo

  2. Charlize Theron was my absolute favorite!

    Pearls & Paws

  3. My favorite was Zoe Saldana. I love how different her dress was. I hated Anne's dress, thought it looked like a bridesmaid. But I adore her anyway.

  4. Louise Roe in Monique Lhuillier ALMOST made my list but the styling definitely killed it for me.

    How about Brandi Glanville! I only saw her look this morning online and I could NOT believe it! Why was she even there? Haha!

  5. I also was not a fan of Anne Hathaway... I mean... this is what she was wearing when she won her first Academy Award? She will regret this... and she's so gorgeous I feel like she could literally pull anything off! Just go for it already girl!

    I did on the other hand love Amy Adam's dress :)

  6. Stacey Keibler and Halle Berry looked ahhhmazing! Such gorgeous dresses :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. I loved Sandra Bullock, she is always so gorgeous!

  8. I dont have cable and I havent watched the oscars in years but I actually really like ann's look! Minus the necklace perhaps. I thought her hair looked adorable. I also really love that dior ball gown but I would DIE if I fell at the oscars lol


  9. I agree with you:)
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  10. Charlize was another one of my favorites...the hair, the white dress, it was just flawless! I agree that Anne Hathaway's gown was awful, so disappointing. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a new follower :)

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  11. I agree with you on almost every pick: Helena Bonham Carter was definitely the worst dressed (it seems that she never got past her role of Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter: she always looks like a crazy witch :) I loved Jennifer Lawrence and Jen Aniston the most, they looked fabulous!
    Happy Monday from your newest follower :)

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  12. I loved Jennifer Lawrence as well! that back necklace was such an amazing touch!

  13. JL was a favorite of mine too and I wasn't a fan of Anna Hathaway's look either. Definitely channeling the 90's and not in a good way!


  14. I agree. What the crap was Anne Hathaway thinking. To choose a dress that shows off your nipples is classless and tasteless. That color doesn't look good on her either. I hope she makes better choices in the future.

  15. OMG I have to agree with your worst choices especially Helena Bonham Carter. SHe needs to comb her hair lol. PS I have a Givaway going on, hope you’ll stop by! Knock your Socks Off Giveaway

  16. Well these pics I must have to agree but Anne Hathaway certainly does pull off that look-i mean how would the rest of us look in that? She is so pretty and I think she is flawless!!

  17. i loved amy adams, noami watts and jennifer laurence!

  18. brandi's dress could have been pretty only when she made it a little bit bigger!


  19. I really like Louise Roe dress <3


  20. some of the dresses are amazing! And you are right, the last three are really bad!

  21. Great review! I agree, the last are pretty bad...what were they thinking! However, the others....Just stunning. I hope some day, I can wear a long Oscar De La Renta gown like that....Major Swoon!

    Lovely Post!

    Sarah XxX

  22. I loved so much Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta!! =)
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  23. You are totally right! Couldn't agree with you more on this!

  24. We totally agree with your picks!! Anne's no no. And the other two on your worst dressed list...horrendous! Thanks for visiting our blog. We are following you now via GFC. Have a great weekend!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  25. I didn't see the Oscars but this is a good re-cap! I am swooning over Jennifer's!!

    -Laurenadorn la femme

  26. I love your pics! I did like Anne Hathaway's dress though! I think she look stunning!

  27. some dresses are really amazing!

    love, Yulia