Monday, April 15, 2013

Best and Worst Dressed from MTV Movie Awards 2013

You never quite know what you're going to get when looking at the red carpet looks at the MTV Movie Awards. Some dress formal, while others play it much more casual. And obviously, there are a few who think they are daring enough to wear something completely off the chart (these usually end up on my - and most people's - worst dressed lists). But some of my notorious worst dressed celebrities made their way onto the best dressed list this year. Take a look at who ended up where!


Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi - I'm not usually a fan of Snooki's red carpet looks, but she looked amazing last night at the awards show. Although I wish that she toned down the hair a bit by maybe pulling it back or taking out the extensions, her new body and that amazing dress make her look like a completely different person!

Selena Gomez - Lately, Selena Gomez seems like she can do no wrong. With the recent release of her movie, Spring Breakers, she as been showing everyone up on the red carpet and last night was no different. She looked great in a gold Julien Macdonald embellished mini, although again, I would have toned down the hair a bit.

Holland Roden - Teen Wolf star, Holland Roden made her mark on the red carpet when she wore this fun black Donna Karen dress. I love that the dress is youthful, but still a bit sophisticated. The sheer panels at the bottom add a little twist and the plunging neckline isn't distracting or overly revealing for her body.

Kylie Jenner - My favorite look of the night by far was Kylie Jenner. Even though she's the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner family at only 15 years old, she did not disappoint on the red carpet. I loved her white crop top and pencil skirt. Everything about this from her hair, to her shoes, to her gold chain necklace screamed perfection.


Ke$ha - Of course, we have to expect that Ke$ha is going to show up in something ridiculous. Even though this isn't one of her most outrageous looks, it was still bad enough to land her on the worst dressed list yet again. All of the different pieces just didn't work well together and the fact that you could see her underwear through her lacy pants didn't help either. 

Quevenzhane Wallis - I'm not trying to pick on her because she's young, but I just hate this outfit. Of course she should have fun and dress in a youthful style, especially conisdering she's only nine years old, but I feel like she would look so much better in a fun, poofy mini dress or something a bit more formal. This looks more like an outfit that she would wear to the mall rather than a red carpet. All the purple is a little overkill and I'm sorry, but I really hate those dog purses that she always wears. 

Chloe Grace Moretz - I usually love Chloe's style on the red carpet, but I just can't be on her side with this head-to-toe denim look. She wore a Louis Vuitton jumper over top a Topshop button-up denim shirt, but for me, it's just too much denim. It looks outdated and old and it just doesn't seem to be her style.

Hanna Mae Lee - I just don't understand this at all. Hanna Mae Lee showed up to the red carpet with a hat that has a giant cigarette butt on top. Her dress wasn't so bad, but obviously the hat was what landed her on this list. Maybe she's crying out for attention or hoping that she can make a statement like Lady Gaga, but whatever her reasons, I would advise her to never try that again.

Who were your favorites and least favorites from the red carpet? What did you think about Hanna's cigarette hat?


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  1. I couldn't believe how good Snooki looked either! I never imagined giving her my stamp of approval but there it was.

    As always I love how you showcase the fashion "misses" as well - they can be more fun than the hits!

  2. I didn't see the awards last night for thanks for the recap! Who knew that Snooki would wind up looking better than a lot of the other women?!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Snookie has totally revamped her image and she looks amazing! Kylie is my second favorite, and she definitely does not look 15.
    I can't even look at the worst dressed.. horrible choices.


  4. Unfortunately I couldn't watch the show last night, but I do like your picks. Snooki actually does look good (despite the excess of hair)

  5. Oh Gosh, i totally agree with you! Best YES, Worst what on earth were they thinking? Esp Chloe she usually dresses up nicely


  6. I'm in love with Holland Roden and Kylie Jenner.. Totally agreeing your choices! The worst ones are really really bad!! What the hell did she think to wore that cigar??


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